Acoustic Sound Proofing

Affordable sound proofing, studio treatments, noise absorption, drywall and generator insulation nation-wide.

Foamrite Acoustics in South Africa is our preferred manufacturer for foam panels. These are perfect for studios, control rooms, vocal booths, nightclubs, restaurants, band rooms, home cinemas, offices, boardrooms, auditoriums or any area that requires acoustics treatment.

What is Sound Absorption?

Sound absorption is the process of removing sound energy from an environment, while diffusers reflect sound waves in different directions. 

Depending on the class of absorption, a highly absorbent material will only reflect a small proportion of the sound energy, whilst absorbing the majority by turning the sound energy into heat energy when the waves hit the absorbent material. 

Sound Diffusion and Sound Absorption products can be used together to achieve optimal acoustic values, as the efficacy of both systems are enhanced when combined.

Why is Sound Absorption important?

Sound absorption is the loss of sound energy when sound waves comes into contact with an absorbent material such as ceilings, walls, floors and other objects, as a result of which, the sound is not reflected back into the space.

Sound absorbent materials can be used to create a suitable acoustic environment within a space by reducing the ‘reverberation time’. A long reverberation time can make a room sound loud and noisy and causes speech to sound muffled and muddy.

Rooms designed for speech therefore typically have a short reverberation time. Conversely, a longer reverberation time can enhance a music hall by adding richness, depth and warmth to music.

Home theatres, studios & commercial studios

Our products are ideal for any critical listening environment, such as – mastering rooms, production and writing rooms, full-size recording spaces, studio control rooms and voiceover/sync studios, home cinemas or new-build multiplexes.

Schools, offices, board-rooms & corporate

Our office acoustic solutions are ideal for employee and scholar health, comfort and productivity. Your acoustic application will portray your brand through our design-led innovation that creates the ideal environment for study, focus, meetings etc.

Restaurants, commercial & retail spaces

Customers and employees are becoming increasingly conscious of an establishment’s acoustic properties. Whether it be poor reverberation control, making it difficult to have a conversation in a busy bar or shopping centre.

Your trusted acoustics provider

Affordable, versatile and easy to install. We offer a comprehensive range of soundproofing acoustic solutions for offices, music studios, residential and commercial buildings, industrial premises, public spaces, and many other specialist areas, providing complete noise control for any environment.

Our Acoustic Panels

Our acoustic products are made using only premium quality raw materials and are manufactured by South Africa’s most trusted and experienced Acoustic Foam engineers. With experience comes excellence.

Our products are available in a wide range of styles and colours to match any space and make it sound great! We precision cut every piece of acoustic foam at the manufacturing facility so we can ensure quality and tailor the acoustic solution to your needs.



Sound absorption is the process of removing sound energy from an environment, while diffusers reflect sound waves in different directions.

Bass Traps

Acoustic energy absorbers that are designed to dampen low-frequency sound energy, with the goal of attaining a flatter low frequency.

DIY Studio Kits

Choose between the DIY Home Acoustic Kit or the DIY Professional Studio Acoustic Kit. These Kits are ideal for Home Studios & Rehearsal Rooms and are super easy to install.


Diffusion, in simple terms, is when sound bounces off hard flat surfaces—the energy remains intact, yielding discrete echoes, which maintains sound clarity.

Ceiling Treatments

The perfect solution for restaurants, conference rooms, business reception areas, church halls or environments with an echo where the walls might be difficult to treat.

Custom Branded Panels

Made to your specification, using an innovative technique to print on acoustic panels without altering the panel’s sound absorbing properties.

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