Security Solutions

Having the right security system in place, provides both home owners and business owners with invaluable advantages and a more secure & well protected space.

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Protecting what matters most

From securing your premises or home from intruders to access control and everything in between. We can tailor a security solution that fits your budget and needs. Specializing in:

  • Wide variety of cameras such a Thermal, motion detection, night vision, etc.
  • Video intercom systems
  • Access control
  • Smart Alarm System
  • Mobile Video Motoring Solutions
  • Network & digital Video Recorders 
  • and so much more! 

We have highly trained and certified engineers to ensure you get the systems that suits your every need. 

Introducing SPOTBOT

SPOTBOT transforms a CCTV camera system into an intruder detection system.

 The device provides 24/7 advanced human detection on CCTV camera feeds. By excluding all moving objects like moving vegetation, pets, and insects; SPOTBOT eliminates 99% of false alarms that conventional motion detection sensors supply.

Alarm systems, CCTV cameras and other security cameras perform better with motion detection. However, this often gives rise to false alarms caused by moving vegetation, pets and insects. SPOTBOT eliminates 99% of these false alarms. 

SPOTBOT is an electronic AI hardware device that monitors your CCTV camera feeds for human intrusion on your property. Using advanced human detection technology, it excludes all other moving objects and alerts you only when the human form is identified. This means that you and your security company will know with certainty when an alert warrants response.

A single SPOTBOT can monitor a maximum of 8 CCTV camera feeds at a time.

SPOTBOT works by targeting only the human form of an intruder through advanced artificial intelligence.

SPOTBOT eliminates 99% of false alarms that motion detection features of CCTV cameras can supply.

The SPOTBOT can integrate with most mainstream security control room platforms.

Users can upgrade their SPOTBOT with vehicle detection module to detect vehicles and humans simultaneously.

How SPOTBOT works

SPOTBOT uses advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor the feeds of up to 8 CCTV cameras for the human figure. 

When a human figure is detected, an alarm is triggered and you’ll be notified by:

Telegram Bot

Detection reported audibly by a message tone and visually by photo.

HDMI Interface

Detections are supplied visually on a HDMI supported screen.

Speaker Interface

Detection reported verbally through a speaker.

Armed Response Integration

All SPOTBOT devices come with the Armed Response Integration feature. 

The device is compatible with most security companies’ monitoring software, enabling it to also send intruder alerts directly to your security response company. 

This feature enables your security provider to protect you, your family and your business against intruders more effectively.

Vehicle Detection

You can upgrade your SPOTBOT with the vehicle detection module. 

It is an added software feature on your standard SPOTBOT hardware device that enables your SPOTBOT to notify you when a vehicle is detected. Human and vehicle detection can be activated simultaneously.

SPOTBOT Features

The SPOTBOT Telegram Bot, installed on your smartphone, is the portal to all SPOTBOT features and settings. 

These features and settings include:

  • Ability to turn SPOTBOT on and off.
  • Take snapshot pictures of your camera feeds.
  • Mute and unmute the USB-connected speaker.
  • Set up automated schedules to activate or deactivate your SPOTBOT according to your preferred schedule.
  • Snooze SPOTBOT alerts for a specified time.
  • Enable or disable armed response (if your SPOTBOT is linked to a security company)
  • Add or remove more users on your SPOTBOT device.
  • Add or remove cameras on your SPOTBOT.
  • Setup automated schedule link to armed response.